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Research and Publications

Research and Publications

Western’s faculty, staff, and students are carrying out a rich variety of Africa-based research in faculties and departments across campus. We work in 36 different countries across the continent. For more information, please select an option from the left-hand menu.


Healthy Ecosystems, Healthy People - Research Western Issue 8

“We often consider problems of the environment to be separate from those of human populations, but especially in areas where subsistence is so closely linked to the land, a healthy ecosystem is essential to maintaining good health,” says Beryl Ivey Chair in Ecosystem Health, Charles Trick. “To understand the true value of ecosystem health, one needs to stand on the edge of a community in crisis,” he adds. Through the Ecosystem Health –
Africa Initiative he helped establish in 2005, Trick is doing just that.  Read more



Engineering Development - Research Western Issue 7

For Ernest Yanful, the field of engineering is more than just a profession – it is an opportunity to foster economic, environmental and human resource development that creates positive change around the world. Read more about Yanful's research in Ghana and elsewhere. 




The Search for Truth - Research Western Issue 7

As a graduate student, an obscure footnote set political science professor Joanna Quinn on a year-and-a-half search for a copy of a never-disseminated Uganda Truth Commission report documenting violent regimes that had ruled the country since the 1960s. Read more




David CechettoNursing Rwanda back to health by Douglas Keddy May 2011

“You have 30 students sharing the same nursing text – we would like to address these limitations as much as possible.” Read more